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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do TwistedToybox products compare to items I can buy at my local Halloween/costume shop or through other online Halloween outlets?

A. Lots of mass produced items available are produced quickly, and often by someone other than the creator. Most of the time when you get them they do not look anything like the image you saw when you ordered. Our pieces are much more than your ordinary Halloween item. Each of our pieces are hand-made in our shop in the USA with ultimate attention to detail, realism, and quality. Chris Russell personally produces each piece himself with the help of his highly trained goblin crew. From clay sculpture, molding, casting and finishing, Chris is involved in the creation of each piece sent out of our shop. This ensures you will receive the highest quality product available. We guarantee that each piece will always look just as good, if not better than the photos on our website.

Q. I have an idea for a custom mask or prop that I would like to have made. Do you do this?

A. YES! We do take on commissioned projects of all types. email for more information.

Q. I really like one of your products, but I want it customized with different colors / hair scheme / etc. Can you do this ?

A. All of our Items can be ordered as seen in the photos on our site, or email us to discuss special alternate paint schemes, changes, or other custom requests. Extra charges may apply for this service.


Q. Are TwistedToybox products available anywhere else?

A. From time to time we DO run EBAY auctions for extra stock, prototype pieces, and alternates. Check our NEWS page for links to current auctions. There are some online merchants that purchase our products and resell them or catalogs we do drop shipping for. If you find one of our products being sold online through another merchant, you can email us the link and we can verify if it is an original product or authorized reseller. You may occasionally find our products in a costume or specialty store, Haunted attraction, or who knows where ?!? If you are interested in carrying our products in your store please email us today.

Q. How do I care for my masks and props?

A. try these tips:

Always store latex masks and props in a cool, dry area. Heat and Sunlight are the leading KILLERS of natural latex rubber.

Clean your masks on the inside with a slightly damp cloth to remove the oils from your skin after being worn. These oils can and will damage latex over time. After the inside is dry, powder the inside with baby powder.

When not being worn, stuff your masks with plastic bags to keep it in its original shape. Newspaper will work for this but plastic bags are best. If your mask becomes warped from improper storage, you may be able to restore its original shape by using a blow dryer on LOW heat for a few min. * remember tip #1 about HEAT. be careful.

It is normal for some of the hair to come out of your mask. When the hair is glued on there may be a few strands that did not get glued. This is normal and although we try to comb all hair work to prevent this, some loose strands may still slip through. If your mask or prop gets the hair pulled out and is in need of repair please contact us for repair instructions.

Eyeholes and slits in the rear of masks are easily altered to custom fit your mask. You can use a sharp pair of scissors to enlarge eyeholes if needed. Slits in the back can be enlarged, but make sure to cut a circular hole in the top of the slit to prevent tearing past the cut. Always take your time and be careful. NEVER trim your mask while wearing it.

do NOT wear while driving or doing anything dangerous… duh.

Following these tips will help preserve your items.

Q. The wait time is 4-6 weeks for an order?

A. Since each piece is made as ordered the wait time for your order can be UP TO 4-6 weeks. We usually get all orders out much quicker than this. During the Halloween season we try to keep most of our pieces in stock and can usually ship very quickly. PLEASE order as early as possible for the Halloween season to ensure delivery in time for seasonal sales.

Waits for custom orders or commissioned projects will be given at the time of order and may vary. If you have a question about a particular item being in stock, wait times on a product, or deadlines for delivery please email or call the number on our contact page and we can give you an idea based on current workload.

Q. What if my questions was not answered in the F.A.Q. ?

A. Email us with any other questions and we will respond as quickly as possible.

**Sometimes there may be slight differences in color due to the individual handmade nature of our products and the fact that all computer monitors do not display colors the same. We still guarantee that each of our products will look just as good, if not better than the photos on our website

Here is a list of thank you and credits to other artists that we work with or members of the Goblin Crew..Thanks for your help along the way.

Justin Mabry
Michele Steele
Eliot Brodsky
Paul Hamblin
Jess Wroblewski
Ralph Mitchell
A very special thank you goes out to all of our family, friends, and customers who have supported us over the years and continue to do so. Without all of you none of this would be possible.

If you are interested in working with us, please email or snail-mail some photos of your work, your contact information and what projects you are interested in and we will contact you.


Twisted Toybox offers design, prototype and production service for custom latex Halloween masks props, Stage costumes for bands, film, television, Halloween haunters, monster collectors, and haunted attractions worldwide. All of our products are hand-made by artist Chris Russell.

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